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~ Kimberley's Journey ~

Kimberley has been connected to angelic beings since her early adolescent years. Kimberley’s professional role arose when she experienced transformational trauma and healed herself using a well-being application of the Law of Attraction. As a result, Kimberley began her professional training as a Counsellor and Relationship Therapist, earning her Bachelor of Counselling, and a Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling. During this time, while working as a professional Counsellor, she came to awaken her ability to channel Source Consciousness and the Beings of The Light who are higher dimensional beings such as the Archangel realm. Kimberley offers a range of private services that are available worldwide, as well as her premier channelled course through her School of Light Institute, and offering exclusive consciousness expansive content and group online sessions through her Patreon membership community. 

~ Qualifications ~



Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling   

~ Australian Institute of Relationship Studies (AIRS) 

~ a division of Relationships Australia

Bachelor of Counselling


~ Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)

​Reiki Degree 5A 


~ Original Seven Level System, the Usui System of Universal Energy

~ Reiki Empowerment Seminars  (2008 - present)

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