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2023 New Year Power Manifestation

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hi everyone!

Firstly I want to warmly welcome you to the Inner Bliss Blog!

If you are reading this it is not by accident my friend. You are ready to align yourself to more of your power, purpose, and joy!

Let's begin.

2023 is now well and truly upon us. For many of us, by this time, we have already made our New Year's 'resolutions', and by now most of us have already given up on them. Crazy right? This tells us that something needs to shift. Therefore I invite you to set intentions on how you want to feel instead while detaching from the outcome. Allow the Universe to flow through you and take you on an inspired journey this year, a journey of the great discovery of self, and a journey of witnessing more of what you truly are capable of. It is a journey of surrender in love, allowing the Universe to bring you your true desires, desires that you thought you were not capable or worthy of. So my friends, let go of any limitations you have placed on yourself and on your worth! You are truly worthy of all the love and happiness in the Universe. It is how you see yourself and your capabilities that get in your own way of manifesting your greatest desires, so let go and allow the Universe to show you more than you could ever conceive as possible, and your true power potential.

Going Deeper Into Your Power

This year has a unique energy and a new focus for us in order to further expand our consciousness, and to live more connected to the pure love of our beings, to each other, and to the Universe. It is a conscious, spiritually aligned action of being the divine bridge to the powerful and all-loving Universe.

Being the Divine Bridge

I invite you to reflect on the part of you that is in need of balance between consciously exploring the spiritual dimension of self and reality and the physical dimension of self and reality. Often, we tend to put importance on one dimension over the other. This however lies in an imbalance and disallows the full purpose of our physical incarnation and creation to be truly known and experienced by us. Ultimately, it creates a block in connecting to the true nature of our Universal Oneness power.

Although we are much more than human, we are here to have a human experience. In fact, it is within our human experience that we expand our consciousness the most. We allow ourselves to be guided through our life experiences by consciously recognising the spiritual presence within and around us, existing in all things and in all forms. Therefore, to be the bridge to the divine, we are invited to recognise both dimensions of the spiritual and physical worlds to be equally important for our journey to remember our true power. The physical world is our playground to explore and have fun, with consciousness-expanding soul lessons along the way, by way of spiritual catalysts. Some of these events we perceive as negative, and some we perceive as positive, they are however all part of our sacred journey home to love and Oneness embodiment. If you can harness both sides of this reality, you actually embody more of your divine given superpower.

So, I ask you, can you see yourself as the microcosm within the macrocosm of the Universe?

Can you see humanity moving to unite in harmony?

Can you see the miraculous in the human presence?

Can you see the miracles such as birth, and the ability to directly create new neural pathways in your brain through using the energy of your thoughts?

Can you see the miraculous in your ability to self-heal? No? Have you ever had a cut?

Can you see the divine within your humanness and within your physical reality? Or, do you see one side of the duality coin - the spiritual world or the physical world as more important than the other?

Ask yourself, do you judge the miracle that you are?

You are invited to see the perfected miracle that is you, that is all others, and the perfected miracle of your reality. All dimensions of creation exist as One, for there is no separation in the Universe.

When you perceive less separation and perceive more unity, you become the bridge to the divine. This is where our collective journey is now focused. This is where you experience more joy and unity within you and with all of creation.

Are you in?

Let's explore and create together, for together we can realise our powerful divine potential.

You are the Universe, you are unconditional love. So, be love in action and shift into unity consciousness, it is here where you shift deeper into embodied love and joy.

Love & Light ~ and the journey towards remembering it.


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