High Dimensional Therapy Series ~ An Introduction & Melinda's First Session

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Welcome to the first session of our High Dimensional Therapy Series with Melinda. High Dimensional Therapy or HDT, which i was guided to create, and name I was guided to use, is run like a therapy session, however the information coming forth is based on higher perspectives through channeling, which is delivered through this exclusive and unique counselling approach. These sessions combine channeling with counselling techniques, to assist in working through your life challenges, relationship issues, and Dark Night of the Soul. The intensity of the channeling will be brought forth in a way that matches what you are ready to hear for your highest good. This is combined with a deeply healing presence, due to the particular Beings of the Light involved with the sessions, who bring perspectives based on esoteric teachings and healing approaches such as those based on love, forgiveness and compassion. HDT also consists of a short guided meditation with Sacred Sound Alchemy at the commencement of each session, to allow healing and centering to occur, and also to energetically prepare for the session.

These sessions with Melinda were made public with her permission, so that they can also assist those of you listening.

In conclusion, someone who provided traditional counselling during the same time as providing HDT, I have been able to witness and experience the difference between these approaches. Simply put, as we are all evolving collectively, the methods of how we help the evolution of an individual and relationship system also needs to evolve alongside this. I, along with many others, recognise the importance of bringing new powerful ways of healing and self empowerment into normalcy. This is the purpose of High Dimensional Therapy, and I am honoured to be one of these people who are able to bring these powerful new approaches into life, and into the lives of all listening.