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Kimberley Leite ~



*Reiki Practitioner

*Ascension Teacher

*Light Language Alchemist

Kimberley is an international Counsellor, Ascension Teacher, Light Language Alchemist, Reiki Therapist, and Channel for various non physical love based beings, who are nuanced aspects of Source. Additionally, as we are part of Source, these beings are also aspects of us. These beings refer to themselves as the Beings of The Light and speak through Kimberley, bringing forth the Ascension Teachings to you.


These highly advanced Ascension Teachings consist of Universal Laws such as Law of Attraction, Law of Oneness, and esoteric knowledge, to assist you in the remembering of who you truly are by raising your energy vibration. The remembering is an enlightenment process, where you work through and let go of your limiting beliefs and irrational fears, while increasing self love and self worth. You then start seeing yourself and the world around you through the truth of who you truly are. That truth is that you are a powerful eternal being of pure love, who is one with All That Is. These teachings allow you to live an empowered life, living in alignment with your Divine self and Divine reality. Ultimately, the Ascension Teachings allows you to live more in freedom, with both knowledge and practical tools to transcend perceived limitations and fear, to live a life full of love, joy, and courageously exploring your life purpose.

As a certified Counsellor and Relationship Therapist, Kimberley was guided to create High Dimensional Therapy, a technique that combines channeling with counselling techniques, delivered through this exclusive and uniquely powerful healing approach. Kimberley is also aligned to the Original Seven Level System of Reiki, although having a natural ability to conduct energy healing prior to being attuned to Reiki, more than 10 years ago. Since this time, Kimberley has discovered her natural ability to assist in the healing and raising of energy vibrations for others through Light Language, which she calls Sacred Sound Alchemy. Kimberley offers both the Ascension Teachings and varying healing modalities, to help raise your vibration, heal, and allow you to remember your purpose, by co facilitating your ascension journey.

"As we are all evolving collectively, the methods of how we help the evolution of an individual and relationship system also needs to evolve along side this. I, along with many others, recognise the importance of bringing new powerful ways of healing and self empowerment into normalcy."

~ Kimberley Leite

Areas covered include:
Golden Chakra

Healing mind & body by aligning with your perfect innate being

Crystal Ball

Love and relationships for individuals, couple's and families



Tools and guidance for managing and overcoming life's challenges

Guidance for utilising Universal Laws, to live in alignment with who you truly are.




Spiritual and psychic development using higher perspectives and esoteric knowledge

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Available Online worldwide & In Person for Group Sessions


Located in Sydney, Australia

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