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 ~ Awaken Your Power ~



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We invite you to join our Awaken Your Power Membership which is available on Patreon, where you can access various exclusive and powerfully transformative content.

The creation of this community with its content, will assist you in raising your consciousness level by guiding you on your spiritual and personal development in a more personal and powerful way. Kimberley brings forth through her channellings, the Ascension Teachings, which allows you to live a more authentic life, assists you in recognising your true power, assists you in understanding how reality works, assists you to heal and overcome life issues, and how you can leverage the power of the universe to achieve your dreams. Most importantly, it allows you to live a life based in joy and love by allowing you to align more consciously to your Source Self, to the God within.


~ Membership Rewards ~


  • Receive 20% off all Kimberley's online private services (Tier 3 only).


  • Join in with other members and co-facilitate monthly online channelling group sessions with Universal consciousness, with Source. Ask questions LIVE in session or email in your questions to be read out and answered on your behalf if you cannot join.

  • Experience a monthly channelled group meditation with Source energy activations, through the Elohim.

  • Get access to the exclusive Patreon feed, including being able to post and engage with other community members.

  • Be a part of a supportive community with like-minded people.


Click below for more information and to join our community

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