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Welcome to the School of Light Institute. A new era 'Mystery School' of the modern era, that is aligned to the current consciousness of creation in our reality.

You will be guided through with Divine wisdom, practical techniques, and transmissions of healing with activation energies, allowing you to unlock the remembering of your Divine gifts, life purpose, and Divine wisdom within.


You remember your connection not only with yourself, but your connection with your spirit guides, and ultimately the Source of All creation. It is the inward journey that you will take, awakening the wisdom and clarity from your inner temple. Through the great Universal Laws of creation, you as a result, will experience your life evermore changed, reflecting the recognition that you are the powerful being that you seek, aligned to the Divine love that you eternally are.


If you hear the call to take this life changing journey to your inner temple, then you are ready for the great remembering.


I invite you to join us on this journey to the Divine realm within.

~ Courses ~

Manifesting Power Through Rebalancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine 

~ A Mary Magdalene Course

A channelled course from Mary Magdalene to integrate the Divine union within for your empowerment and activation of higher consciousness.

  • Transform your limited perspectives of self to raise your vibration, increase your intuition, and activate higher consciousness

  • Discover what strengths you have within the Divine Feminine & Masculine collective, allowing you to rebalance your consciousness energy for self-empowerment

  • Embody your limitless power and heightened intuitive abilities through unifying and harnessing your Divine Feminine & Masculine power within

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