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Mystic Eye
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Guidance Services


Ascension Channelling Sessions

Talk live to the Beings of The Light of Universal consciousness, through Kimberley. The beings that come through in session are your spirit guides that are currently working with you. The beings will discuss how the Ascension Teachings can empower your life, and highlight higher perspectives of what is occurring behind the scenes of your reality. The Ascension Teachings consist of Universal Laws such as Law of Attraction, Law of Oneness, and metaphysical knowledge, allowing you to live an empowered life, living in alignment with your Divine self and Divine reality. Ultimately, the Ascension Teachings allows you to live more in freedom, with both knowledge and practical tools to transcend perceived limitations and fear, to live a life full of love, joy, and courageously exploring your life purpose.

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Ascension Channelling Private Video Message

Send in your question to be answered with a private video message from the Beings of The Light. Do you have a particular challenge you would like some clarifying insight into? Do you have a particular question that has been with you for some time, and seek to have the elusive 'aha' moment?

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Therapy Services


High Dimensional Therapy (HDT)


Experience personal channelling sessions through this exclusive and unique healing approach, that Kimberley was guided to create with spirit. These sessions combine channelling with counselling techniques, to assist in working through your life challenges, relationship issues, or Dark Night of the Soul. The session is run like a therapy session, however the information coming forth is based on higher perspectives through channelling a highly radiating, Divine love being. As such, you also experience a deeply healing presence from the channelling experience, as well as healing approaches based on love, compassion, and Oneness teachings. HDT also consists of a channelled, guided meditation which includes Sacred Sound Alchemy, a Light Language activation through vocalisation, to assist you in connecting to your heart centre and your true Divine self. This prepares you energetically and emotionally for the session journey. If you are ready to explore who you are and perceived challenges in your life from a higher, and true healing perspective, then you are ready for HDT.

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Ascension Counselling


Have a heart-to-heart with Kimberley about current challenges, work through and process shadow work and Dark Night of the Soul, as well as receive insights for elevating your personal or professional life. Counselling approaches include Person-Centred, Strength-Based, and Positive Psychology, combined with Kimberley’s intuitive, heart connection approach.

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* All video sessions come with a video recording

Blazing Eye

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