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An Ode To Love

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I felt inspired to share what I call An Ode to Love. It is a spiritual reminder of the true form of love and the love that we truly are. Soak these words in, and allow them to open your heart and shift your perspectives of yourself and the loved ones in your life.

Love is the key to all things. It is the key to happiness, wellness, prosperity, abundance, and alignment with your true Self. Love is the energy of the Universe and Source itself. It is unconditional in its true form, and it is the very energy of us all. As such, the key to a joyous, soul-fulfilled life and relationships, is a four-letter word, LOVE. Cultivate the feeling of love through gratitude, joy, and acceptance of all things, of all others, and of yourself, to anchor yourself into the true power source of love and wisdom that you are. This universal power is within love and has the power to unite, heal, and bring peace and harmony.

Love unconditionally, love boldly, love all, and most importantly, love all that you are. Love all for what you were, for what you will be, and what you are in the now. You are love, pure unconditional, universal love. You are infinitely perfect in every way.

The more you anchor yourself into unconditional love, the more you open yourself up to attract more loving relationships into your life, and enhance the loving connection that you already hold with others. You allow romance to blossom and fill your heart with the very essence of divine love, and get to consciously experience who you, and who others truly are, that is pure unconditional love.

Love & Light ~ and the journey towards remembering it.


Share this message to be a reminder of love for those in your life.

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