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Reclaiming Your Power

The word power has many contexts and dynamics of experience, but what is power from a self-energy perspective? We have all experienced the different dynamics of power, feeling disempowered, feeling controlled, and feeling powerless, through the full spectrum to feeling powerful, even if it is for a brief moment. We feel these power dynamics because we hold the narrative that conditions, people, and things outside of us can deplete our power. We even hold the narrative that we can deplete our own power through our actions, thoughts, and feelings. We may even have the awareness of spiritual laws such as the Law of Attraction, judge our limiting beliefs when they arise, and perceive ourselves as less powerful in those moments. Our self-judgment makes us feel less powerful, and we may delay, procrastinate, or straight out avoid moments where we can shine and uplift others, due to our beliefs and fears of not being powerful enough.

So you see, we have created external and internal narratives surrounding our level and access to self-power. These narratives are also strengthened by our collective history, especially within the lives of women, minorities within society, and those who have experienced disempowered from the spoken and unspoken rules of society throughout time. These narratives of control over our power exist within the realm of duality. The world in which we perceive fear and separation from others, with ourselves, and with the loving universe. These narratives, these limiting stories that we tell ourselves are, however, not the truth of who we are. You see if you can look past the illusions of control, of power being yielded over you and over others, and the illusion that others can deplete your power, you can reach the clarity, the higher truth of who you truly are. The truth is, that NO ONE AND NOTHING can take power away from you, only the perception of it due to your own beliefs.

I know first-hand the effects of the narrative of yielding power over someone. I, like so many, have experienced past trauma at the hands of another. I, like so many, know what it’s like to feel completely powerless. The experience of powerlessness can shake you at your core because in those moments you distort your connection to your true spiritual self. Your energy field decreases with fear allowing you to feel less connected to Self to others, to Spirit, and to life itself. Disconnection from Spirit, from Self, and others, is the cause of much suffering in our world. Our journey to remember just how limitlessly powerful we are can only be self-discovered through choosing love and acceptance. From this level of consciousness, we can then receive inspired thoughts and actions to empower our lives, and even empower the lives of others. Experiencing powerlessness can rattle you so loudly that you are forced to make changes to your self-perceptions and perceptions of the world in which you live to feel connected to life and experience joy. You can, however, choose to ignore the rattling and choose the illusion of fear, of victimisation. Both choices come with challenges, however, one choice will reconnect you to your highest truth, your highest wisdom, and your highest love.

You see, to empower yourself in its true higher meaning, is to let go of any limiting beliefs that tell you that your power can be depleted and controlled. You are already empowered and enlightened, you have only forgotten who you truly are. To remember your empowered and enlightened state of being is to first hold self-compassion with yourself whenever you experience challenging thoughts and emotions. We cannot reach levels of the highest awareness if we do not accept everything about us first with loving acceptance and compassion.

We are here to reclaim our sense of power in every way, and we claim that by reminding ourselves that divine power is our true essence which can only expand just like the Universe. The contractions, the wobbles we feel are not a lessening of our power, it is only our own beliefs that make us feel separate from power and our true higher selves. So you see, you are the only one who can reclaim your sense of power, the eternal and limitless power that is your birthright as a divine being of unconditional, pure love in physical form.

We all hold conscious and unconscious beliefs around power, and to know if yours are limiting your embodiment and expression of it, pay attention to how you feel when you are triggered with fear, which is the underlying energy of negative thoughts and emotions. My Oneness Mirror Method is a highly effective tool to uncover your beliefs around power. My own experience of trauma is one example of how my beliefs of power and control became distorted. To this very day, although the trauma has been healed, the imprint of these limiting beliefs around power and control is still in my consciousness, the imprint of vulnerability to be triggered once again. Conversely, however, the imprint empowers me and raises my consciousness each time I choose an empowered thought in love and compassion, each time I am triggered. The vulnerability then ultimately becomes a blessing in disguise. You see, being triggered does not mean you have to emotionally suffer, it is how you perceive the trigger that elicits your emotional response to it. This is the work, this is the journey we are all on in different ways, to remember that we are all equally limitless in our power and our love. We are all masters and students simultaneously, and it’s our willingness to explore our inner shadows and embrace our powerful Light that leads us on the master's path of self-awareness, of oneness-realisation. We are not separate from love and power, for true power is love and true love is unconditional. Unconditional love and the inherent power within it is your true state of being. It is the eternal well of divine loving power within you which is your innate essence.

So, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is your mission of self-love and acceptance, to reclaim your God-given power by knowing the powerful force within you, has and always will be within you at its full capacity. It is up to you to awaken it, embody it, and express it at its fullest love capacity.

You are made of love and you are loved, unconditionally.

Love & Light ~ and the journey towards remembering it.


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📸 Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde

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