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An Ode to the Sacred Woman

As we recently celebrated and reflected on International Women’s Day, I wanted to share some of my reflections on our collective journey, and honour you as a woman, honouring you as the goddess that you are.

We as women are the portal to bringing new life into the world, yet we are much more, for we hold great sacred, creative powers within us. We are wise and intuitive, and we have been both celebrated and silenced in our collective history. We are these things and have experienced these things because we are inherently powerful and influential.

Our inspired voices and actions in expressing our loving power have been influenced by our collective story. For many of us, we have bought into the limiting story that we need to suppress our power if we want to remain safe and secure within our social reality, being afraid of vulnerability. Many of us hold onto this limiting belief because we subconsciously fear our own power. However, if we choose to believe in ourselves and in our loving, wise, sacred influential power, we can change the world. We can uplift our lives, our world, and the lives of those around us.

We are women and embody the power of the Divine Feminine

Within our current reality, we may perceive power imbalances within our own life, perceiving it within our family or romantic relationship system, or perceiving it within societal institutions. These perceived experiences echo our collective past, including when women were persecuted for free thinking and using their God-given magic. Some of us may have even experienced a life of persecution, in this life or another. However, through the lens of spirit, we perceive power imbalances within our outer reality because we have internalised power imbalances within us. We have adopted limiting beliefs about our relationship with the world, and these beliefs become mirrored in our outer reality.

The spiritual task, our sacred assignment that is asked of us, is to no longer see ourselves as victims or as lesser value to others and to see ourselves as the powerful change makers we truly are. We have an abundant well of love within us. It is the power of the Divine Feminine within us all that flows from unconditional love, a power that activates and enhances our spiritual gifts if we are willing to consciously embody it and express it outwardly through us into the world. In this divine action, we honour our own sacred feminine journey and honour all the women that came before us.

Remember what history also remembers, that women were chosen specifically for priestess roles and other positions of influence, for our inherent relationship and communication with the divine. We have been revered as influential leaders and honoured for our ability to unite others in love, a legacy that we carry with us today. These echoes are empowering the women of today, and these echoes are empowering you if you choose to believe and accept your sacred power of unconditional love.

Regardless of the conditions in your life, you have the power to choose love. You have the power to see the beautiful goddess that you truly are. You have the power to access your inner magic, your inner wisdom, and your powerful voice to create meaningful changes in your life and within the lives of others - if you choose to do so.

You indeed are free. In higher truth, we have always been free, for you always have the freedom to choose your thoughts and the energy you wish to emit. When we honour our innate divine power and take inspired action regardless of our fears, we also honour and uplift all the women within our collective consciousness. We become united as a powerful force of love-consciousness that uplifts the entire world.

May your voices, your love, that emanates from your sacred power, move the world.

You are so very loved and honoured, from my heart to yours.

Love & Light ~ and the journey towards remembering it.


Share this message as a reminder of loving power with the women in your life.

📸 Photo by Julia Caesar

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